Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trend Modified Motor 2011

Modified Motor Trend 2011 - What trends are going in the motor modification in 2011 is this? Our previously been sharing about how to modify the exhaust and also motors kawasaki ninja motorcycle modification tips. For automotive enthusiasts who like to modify the bike look like this year could turn into classic retro-style sports or too futuristic.Modified Motor Trend 2011.

Trends in motorcycle modifications in  2011 will be dominated by the concept of sport futuristic and retro classics. "Tendency modification of two concepts that have actually appeared in the last three years. However, the concept will be further strengthened in 2011 this. Trends in 2011 which led to the modification of the two concepts are also not free from the influence of modification of world developments. Moreover, at the same time the availability of spare parts and accessories for motor modification was also abundant in the market.

Trends in several countries that have been the mecca also leads to the second concept, the classic retro style favored not just want to reminisce with the romanticism of the past, but also to express their artistry and creativity combined with technological sophistication. Thus, although the retro-style classic, still thick with advanced technology. "Instrument cluster and headlamp for example can only use the classical form but modern tech.