Monday, June 20, 2011

Most Expensive Cars Of The World - Pagani_Zonda

Top ten most expensive cars in the world called Pagani Zonda C12 F at the third position. Machine can be yours for $ 746,500. Finance this vehicle to be fit and very expensive. This much was in Geneva Motor Show admnired. Pagani Zonda C12 F-car power has risen to 604 p. phones and car gives you more top speed of 375 kilometers per hour car Pagani supercar that is produced in Italy. Most Expensive Cars_2010-Pagani_Zonda
Expensive Cars Of The World - Pagani Zonda
Most Expensive Cars_09 - Pagani Zonda
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Expensive Cars Of The World - Pagani Zonda
The name of his F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio is derived. Having a third slot machines among the top ten of the world's expensive car mid-engined two - seat coupe and convertible is. Pagani Zonda is mainly made of carbon fiber. The Smart car has a removable roof of carbon fiber as well as canvas side curtains that only the weight of £ 12 (5 kg). Pagani uses of thinking racecar, strengthening the firewall structure of the van chassis, materials and construction techniques, as well as billet alloy braces that join the points where the rails were attached to the ceiling. High-speed machines can be further from the configuration settings aerodynamic is pressed. High-speed car 217 miles per hour, can be the best settings for handling that offers more power down and at the same time also has the highest drag coefficient is derived. If you want settings aerodynamic tuning, high-speed vehicles will be more. It would be reasonable if the machine was set to maximize power, then the high speed of cars will be dropping to around 205 miles per hour. It has been claimed by the representatives participating in the Pagani factory support. This fact led to questions Pagani claims, according to the article, Evo, parts, aerodynamic, especially the ones that actually create drag during the run are removed. It also popular as a record holder of fastest production car lap by any extra. If you have your money in this fantastic car, the car ranked third among the top ten most expensive cars in the world. May the lights of different cars on both sides of the head and additional lighting. Flaunts the car side mirrors, and many new bodywork of the car to increase wind-induced. Features that support the development of rigidity and reduce vehicle weight, including magnesium wheels, hydroformed aluminum intake plenum, inconel titanium exhaust system, as well as weaving redesigned 'preg Ž' crash structure. Proud owner of the car is definitely a good car to be among the top ten most expensive cars in the world flaunted.
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