Saturday, August 6, 2011

AGV T-2 Helmet

AGV T-2 Helmet Review

Living in an environment where there are so many potential pleasures to be experienced by the five standard senses, you will usually find yourself looking to take advantage of this. In the forested and mostly remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, or even British Columbia, the smells and feel of the air is almost intoxicating – not to mention the sheer joy of the roads in those regions. Wearing a motorcycle helmet is often said to be about as close to an isolating experience one can have on a motorcycle. However, picking a good helmet, one with good ventilation and a wide eyeport can make a difference. Remember, though, if you are buying a helmet, you will want one that is also safe. AGV has the model you need, and one which will make you look as good as you will feel while wearing it – the AGV T-2.

The AGV T-2 is made with a carbon-Kevlar construction in two different shell sizes, has four different internal EPS liner designs to accommodate different head shapes and to protect them, has a removable and washable lining, a standard double D-ring retention system, and a host of other added technologies which provide for less weight and exceptional strength. It has also tested very high in many independent crash tests against models far more costly.

Now, wearing the T-2 does take some getting used to. At first it will feel tight and a slight bit uncomfortable. But, simply wear it on a ride or two and the internal lining actually molds to fit your head. Once there it is incredibly comfortable and can be worn all day in almost any climate without issue. The venting is excellent, which brings up the beginning of this review. When you ride with the T-2, you get to smell the air and it almost feels like there is no chinbar at all. The vent can be a bit tough to open and close since the lever is located under the chin, but it works brilliantly. Overhead venting is also quite satisfactory, so at speed you will find a wide variation of temperatures which suit this lid. This is the kind of helmet one wears until it wears out and then you buy a new one, or buy several and switch between them for many years of enjoyment…too far? Even so, you will like the T-2 for as long as you own it.

AGV has been in the motorcycle helmet business since the end of World War II and they have always prided themselves on producing top-quality lids for the heads of many riders who are now legends. The likes of Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi have both worn AGV and both still do. The T-2 is available in tribute designs for Ago and other famous riders sponsored by the Italian company such as Angel Nieto and Barry Sheene.