Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dragon TT motorcycle concept Atila 1000R

SPAIN,- When the EICMA exhibition in Milan, Italy 2010, Dragon TT motorcycle concept Atila 1000R has invited the attention of visitors. This vehicle was born from the collaboration of two companies in Spain, namely Dragon TT (designer) and home modifications MotoYE.Dragon TT motorcycle concept Atila 1000R.

The prototype is equipped with 1,000 cc engine that has been modified from EXUP Yamaha R1 base. Cardiac pacemaker was sitting on the chassis of the Yamaha GTS 1000, featuring one of the first design Radd of James Parker. People who recently have created Mission Motors R, electric-powered bikes.

Engine power has been enhanced to produce 160 HP, then commuted the chassis and the front brake system from Yamaha GTS applied a modified and very lightly with Brembo brake.

The uniqueness of MOGE that looks like this robot looks at the front of the swing arm and hub-center steering on the left side that attracted attention on the road. Sokbreker single was standing on the arm swing.

The design of Dragon TT front Atila childbirth controversy. Display the end impressed aggressive and looks like a pair of "fangs" are ready to bite the asphalt. Then, three-wheel model with a size 120/60/17 bars front and rear 180/50/55/17.

If anyone interested, Atila is released with the official price of Rp 457 million (50,665 U.S. dollars).