Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1992 Honda Civic Genio, Cahya Diputra property, and he dirombak inspired by Civic FD1. Andre Penggarapan acknowledged is a bit difficult.

The most difficult, he said, while to adjust to the form of a Fender Genio Civic FD1 Genio Fender because of the width and the bulge will have very contrast with the Civic is more even. As a result, the holder sepatbor and bone bonnet must be new.

Other effects, engine room also participate in order to follow the contours dikebiri bonnet. Thus, some components, such as power steering and AC, should be redesigned and a new place. Although the dimensions shrink bonnet, actually the whole body FD1 Civic imitation this expansion is about 15 cm.

Expansion due to the custom installation kit that had already been Andre. Not surprisingly, the Genio thick with the aura performance car. As the air scoop and air splitter superlebar in the stern, and four-door coupe with a modified memelarkan front doors use sheet galvanis.

In addition to the doors, the roof is also touching. To unify overall suitability, pruning is done as much as 10 cm. Even if the cut is, it is sizeable drain "sweat". The cutting dibarengi must be proportional and not fixed benchmark. That is, a lot of cutting between the pillars is not the same front and back.

To get the quality treatment that ciamik, the process must go through a series of adjustments. By doing so, the pillars of the curvature terpangkas can adjust to the new roof construction.