Monday, January 17, 2011

Supermoto wheels are also available in camo colourways

On-road or off-road? Enjoy the best of both worlds ...

Supermoto is the latest development in the world of motorcycling; essentially it involves taking a conventional Motocross, Enduro or Trials bike and converting the wheels and brake components for Supermoto use.

By far the best option is to have a complete new set of wheels produced; this will allow you to have a set of Supermoto wheels for competition or road use whilst retaining your existing off road wheels for those muddy weekends.

The second option is to assemble a new set of wheels using your existing hubs. The disadvantage of this choice is the loss of the out and out off-road ability of your bike.

Central Wheel Components are committed to quality and only use products manufactured to the highest standards.

All Supermoto wheels are made with our own SM Pro Performance spokes and Talon hubs, fitted to either SM Pro, Morad or Excel rims depending on your budget.

Wheel House Tyres, the specialist tyre fitting division of Central Wheel Components, offer a range of upgrades to improve the stopping power of your new Supermoto bike. The discs and calipers supplied by Braking are well equipped to provide the extra stopping power you are looking for. We stock all the latest tyres from all major manufacturers, including those specific to Supermoto.

Before fitting your new Supermoto wheels we suggest you replace your existing sprocket to allow for the change in wheel and tyre size, and the type of use. For this purpose we supply Talon sprockets, that when fitted with a gold chain, completes the Supermoto look.