Monday, January 17, 2011

Honda Jazz Modif specifications Edition 2011

jaz modif 300x206 Honda Jazz Modif specifications Edition 2011

Hani jazz 2003 honda owners who are sacrificing car hobby modif pet becomes an object creation. often she read automotive magazines and likes to

watch racing makes hani homage to modif car racing. ”Glad to see whether the car has a lot of color on the road,” he said. For this reason, too, cutting his own Jazz style stickers that read ZTHR3E. That is a beautiful boutique in Supermal Pakuwon Hani. Why choose Jazz? To enter the car Hani target list since 2007. Incidentally, there’s one in City of Heroes Jazz owner who wants to sell the mount. Hani is of interest, has stuck around body kit from Veilside genuine.

“Pas will do if the racing. Just add a few accessories,” the anchor that thought. Then, the car was brought to the workshop to Body Form. Industries starting with the replacement of wheels.Original model was replaced with the factory default motif five silver bars. To look more sunken, red-painted alloy wheels edges, in contrast with these bars.

Additions to the door at the end of the support wing aerodynamic car trunk. Maybe, that’s not really working. Wing used for accessories. Turning to the interior, the theme is still a racial reference. MB leather bucket seats and black and red Tech trapped there.

However, special interior, Hani does not undermine the not too extreme. The reason, the car is still used for daily activities. ”Back to the initial concept just want to just racing. See, not the actual race can be used for the race,” said 24-year girl.

Therefore, we can still see clearly with dashboard panels, wheels, and at the door. Some of them still use the original. audio systems become part of the last untouched.

Audio components to meet the boot sequence. Baggage area and shape as seen in the valley make Hani create freely. ”For audio, penginnya more to the SPL. In this case, voted at a nightclub,” he said.

Veilside Honda Jazz specifications Edition 2003

Veilside Bodykit Edition
Custom front bumper
Custom side skirts
Custom rear bumper
Custom Wing
Eye Lids
Cutting sticker tribal concept
Remus Exhaust

In-depth 18-inch alloy wheels extraordinary
Achilles 215/35 R18 tires

MB Tech Jok Beekled Black and Red

JEA Front Car Speaker
JEA Car Rear Speaker
Power Soundstream 4
Audio Control Equalizer
JL Audio subwoofer 10 inch 2pc