Monday, January 17, 2011

The Jazz Parade

When it goes to ricing your ride, I really got to say, the bad news usually goes to those whole likes the Honda Jazz. It’s just too bad that it sells a lot, to much that even ricers love them, too. So, today, we’re going to feast your eyes with our neverending collection of JJGJs. Oh, trust me, we have a lot of these This article is also a part of Tongki Today, since some of these are Tongki’s photos.


First, we have this Jazz which owner is truly in love with Kanjis. It looks pretty stupid with that clear Altezza-wannabe taillights. (B 71 WU, photo: Tongki)


Next, to riceboys, a Jazz is not a Jazz if it doesn’t have spoilers, body kits, high-tech stickers, and parts stickers all over it. Oh, and those particular stinkin’ wheels that I don’t know the name of. (B 1205 IV, Thamrin, Jakarta, photo: Tongki)


Japanese stickers are simply a must. It doesn’t matter if it says “Cool!” or “My Car Looks Like Shit”. Hey, nobody gets it anyway, right? (B 88 UF, photo: Tongki)


Twin exhausts, another riceboy’s must-haves. What does it do? It does nothing. (B 166 EA, photo: Tongki)


For girls, a Jazz can be as colorful (or hideous) as this one… Simply too bad… But if the owner is a guy, then he’s simply gay. (B 2772 BD, photo: B)


This maybe a promotional car for Ratu. But since Ratu itself is nothing but a crappy pop group, well, you can guess the rest. (B 8006 TU, PIM 2 parking area, photo: AH)


Some people just can’t stand it when they see stickers like this. They grabbed the damn thing and put it on their Jazzes, thinking that it’ll look cool. Well, even without those Badtz Maru headrests, it still looks ugly. (B 8228 ON, Pondok Indah Plaza, photo: B)


Now this is highly phenomenal! This is when sticker makers go mad! Simply an intricate piece of artwork, of course if it’s not put on a car. Let’s see what the backside looks like…


Anybody knows what that means? (B 8260 MU, photo: Tongki)


This one’s probably too hot for Jakarta… Why would someone do this on the first place? Remind me, people… (B 8633 NZ, photo: DW)


I just don’t get this one. Maybe a Sheik is on a campaign in Jakarta? I don’t think so, they do have good taste, unlike whoever owns this thing. (B 8679 VI, PIM 2 parking area, photo: B)


As I said before, you simply can’t live without tribal stickers… You just simply can’t! (RSIB Bintaro, photo: B)


And you just simply can’t live without those stickers… Like the guy owns those parts…


Still another take on the stripes… I have nothing else to say… I simply ran out of ideas… (photo: JRH)


I am simply amazed with this one, it looks exactly like those cheesy pencil cases sold outside public schools: Crappy, bright, tin can. (B 8695 LU)

14 Hondas… You think we got everything on this post? You’re wrong… Because after all the madness we’ve been seeing above, nothing beats…


The i-Robot Honda Jazz… Space Ghost, Coast to Coast!!!

There you go, folks! The Honda Jazz Parade… Don’t worry, I’m sure this parade won’t end itself here.