Monday, January 17, 2011

Toyota Corolla 2001 Modification

9439large 300x159 Toyota Corolla 2001 Modification

Lukman Sanjaya, one of the

modifier is often inspired from fast and various movies to stream modifnya, one of them from the movie fast and farious, a variety of cars in Fast and Furious trilogy, set fire to the spirit of successful modification of the car. Look at most of the racing cars used in the movie that made him fall in love.
So, be the output of 2001 Toyota Corolla became the victims of spills creations. The flow of street racing was selected. That is, Valor dragster display coupled with a rebound in the audio system.

“Looking to make a racing car speeding heightened adrenaline. So, I want to make the racing wing of my car,” said Lukman. It had become his goal since childhood. Lukman was returned with the flow in both of these modifications to the car.

The execution of the cars made since November last year. External sector became the major focal point. Mimic the concept car drift racing at one of the stars Fast and Furious.Characteristics at lower bumper, GT wings, and sticker designs that stand out.

Formation of the front bumper is considered the most difficult Lukman. From 18 months of construction body, the part that takes more than half the time. Cause, Lukman want to replace your headlights with Mitsubishi’s Evo VIII WRC. Practical, cradle bumper change. Eyebrows front under the lights had to be removed. Thus, the holder shall be made only to prop up the bumper.

Meanwhile, other parts do not have a problem. Thick side skirts are designed so that visible car body lower, while the stern still seem high. That way, the car appear more dynamic. Do not forget the addition of the GT wing to support the aerodynamic vehicle.
Next, turn the inside. Once looked down there, we are immediately struck by order of extreme audio systems. Gothic themes raised felt very strong. Black domination reinforced acrylic box decorated with a system of red lights that make this car look better.